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IT'S JUST A DREAM (don't worry)

An interactive, room-scale, surreal dream-experience. You need only follow the lulling voice that guides you, chasing after a task that seems so very important but not knowing if you ever reach it and if it even matters.

You find yourself standing in-front of a head with very blonde hair that you are using as a joystick to navigate through a surreal dreamscape. Projections on three walls create a space to span the virtual world around you. Composed of real world 3D scans, the environment is a mix of the familiar and the strange. It’s time to catch that train.

footage from the exhibition at WAF galerie, 2023

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Lichtfest Krems / Krems AUT, November 2-12, 2023

Past Exhibitions:

WAF galerie / Vienna AUT, March, 2023
A MAZE. / Berlin GER, May 10-13, 2023
gogbot / Enschende NL, September 7-10, 2023

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